Monville Reviews Scraped Knees

28 Feb 2017 / Justin

Jamie Monville writes:


“Kristine Brown’s debut chapbook Scraped Knees is obsessed with moments. Conversations and daydreams litter this collection and the speaker of these poems is always vacillating somewhere in between the way she feels about it, the way she thinks others feel about it, and the way she thinks she ought to feel about it. She’s interested in the edges of these perspectives and the points at which they intersect.


There’s an undeniable youthfulness in the hyper focus on the narrator’s immediate circumstances and her perspective. But Brown will occasionally turn that on its head, revealing great depth in her narrator. The poem “Rejecting These Shoes” is one such example, with its juxtaposition of anxiety about what she knows is improper with the defiance to do it anyway. This collection has waves and valleys of the narrator’s strength, perceived strength, and inevitable misunderstandings that makes it a good investigation into the psyche of emerging adulthood.”


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