Put Me Down, I’m Terrible Featured on Readers’ Favorite

2 Mar 2017 / Justin

Reviewed by Rich Follett for Readers’ Favorite


Put Me Down, I’m Terrible by Katie Lewington is a smart and sassy collection of laser-precise poems celebrating the importance of each moment in everyday life. Finding the extraordinary in the mundane is one of the prime directives of nearly all contemporary poets; in Put Me Down, I’m Terrible, Lewington exceeds all expectations in this regard. Lewington’s subject matter is both diverse and pungent, ranging from relationship dynamics through dealing with Mondays and job hunting to the perspective of a doughnut as it is being eaten by a woman wearing pink lipstick. From “Purchase”: “I have recently begun to worry/about being a doughnut.”


Katie Lewington, time and time again, transforms the ordinary with a stark, unvarnished commitment to simple truth that elevates her subject matter and imbues a quirky kind of hipster grace which causes readers to stop and consider what they might be missing. In this aspect above all others, hers is a gift not to be underrated or left unpraised. Despite its self deprecating title, Put Me Down, I’m Terrible is important work – an enduring metaphor for the human condition.


Although Katie Lewington’s poetic vision is limited to her immediate surroundings and circumstances, there is still a sweeping feel to the narrative, borne of lofty concepts applied like a template over daily life. Perhaps, in the end, the person best able to describe Katie Lewington’s edgy, lightning-quick and yet profound poetic style is Lewington herself, in the last couplet of “is the grass any greener?”: “I don’t need to journey/I’m gonna celebrate where I’m at.”


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