Finch Reviews Scraped Knees

11 Feb 2017 / Justin

Cammie Finch reviews Scraped Knees by Kristine Brown:


Scraped Knees, Kristine Brown’s newest poetry collection, is a celebration of childhood wonder and curiosity. It’s a celebration of the lightness and darkness and the gray complexities that make up the phenomenon of “growing up.”


Brown is a scientist, creating her own poetic compounds by morphing two unique subjects into one novel piece of compression. There are moments where, as a reader, I found Brown’s voice had jumped over harrowing subjective valleys and turned darkened corners before I was ready to jump and turn with her. She left me standing self-consciously at the edge of a stanza watching her language go, go, go boldly down the page. Brown has the confidence in her ability to truly surprise the reader. Prepare to be shocked!


It is easy to get lost in her language, easy to snuggle up inside of her images like a blanket you fumble through and forget where the opening is. Often, I’d read a poem and get to the end and forget what i had read before. While perhaps this is a lack of concentration on this reader’s end, it also is a strength of Brown’s writing. She demands her poems to be well attended to. Her work is not intended to become a one-off read. It wants to be studied, stared at, thought about, considered again and again. Her poems are knees that will continue to be scraped. They will continue to live.


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