Scraped Knees

6 Feb 2017 / Justin

We’re pleased to announce Scraped Knees, a collection of stories and poems, by Kristine Brown.


Scraped Knees


In her debut chapbook, Kristine Brown captains thirty-nine beautifully crafted poems and stories that bite with honesty. Scraped Knees is an exploration in sensory details; an incense-thickened yet clear-eyed look into the often hazy world around us. Brown scratches at the surface of tender obscurities–fear, love, loneliness–while ripping the scab right off our more tangible struggles–domestic abuse, homelessness, first dates, and suicide hotlines. The poems churn like an ocean. At times choppy, with sharp, staccato notes, the pains of a speaker grown and still growing; and then again calm, driven by lilting, lullaby-like prose that carries the speaker, and the reader, gently to shore.


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