The Book of Apparitions

24 Jun 2016 / Justin

Ugly Sapling is excited to announce The Book of Apparitions by Jacob Steven Mohr!


The Book of Apparitions

Jacob Steven Mohr’s debut novel follows imaginative, empathetic Marshall Brithaus across twelve years of his life as the stressors of growing up – both natural and supernatural – drive him to his physical and emotional limits. Over the course of his life, Marshall encounters four highly unusual characters: a laid-back Valkyrie called Valerie, a spitfire water sprite (and part-time lifeguard) named Selene, a burned-out, body-snatching sandman-in-training called Diane, and a manipulative, carnivorous muse named Claudia. These ‘apparitions’ each make their indelible mark on Marshall’s maturation, and prove beyond any color of doubt there is more magic in growing up than in staying young.


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