We frequently publish chapbooks that feature new prose, poems, and illustrations. Twice per year, we release a Solstice Review to showcase the best experimental literature. We also publish novels and poetry collections and are currently open for submissions. All publications are available in print and digital formats.

Put Me Down, I'm Terrible

Scraped Knees

By Kristine Brown

ISBN: 978-0998496900

In her debut poetry chapbook, Kristine Brown captains thirty-nine beautifully crafted poems and stories that bite with honesty. Scraped Knees is an exploration in sensory details; an incense-thickened yet clear-eyed look into the often hazy world around us. Brown scratches at the surface of tender obscurities–fear, love, loneliness–while ripping the scab right off our more tangible struggles–domestic abuse, homelessness, first dates, and suicide hotlines. The poems churn like an ocean. At times choppy, with sharp, staccato notes, the pains of a speaker grown and still growing; and then again calm, driven by lilting, lullaby-like prose that carries the speaker, and the reader, gently to shore.

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Put Me Down, I'm Terrible

Put Me Down, I'm Terrible

By Katie Lewington

ISBN: 978-1537444017

In Put Me Down I’m Terrible, Katie Lewington explores mundanity: a couple making love in a car, a woman preparing for a date, a donut shop. But to say these occurrences are mundane is only half the story. In poetry as achingly familiar as it is uncharted, Lewington feeds readers scenes of fumbling vulnerability, teeth-clenching honesty, and unrelenting self-awareness. There’s something in every poem that rings true; the awkward intimacy of a dentist appointment, the doldrum of Mondays, the inexorable journey of stray hairs. But Lewington takes these occurrences further, with precision as sharp as a knife, making the familiar strange and shaking up the norm. A walk of shame becomes a woman’s sphere for agency. Cold sores become a badge of power. New shoes, an insufficient patch. Uncompromisingly honest and hauntingly explorative, Put Me Down I’m Terrible is a celebration of the now, the everyday life, and the vulnerability that comes with it. As Lewington pens in one of the poems, “I don’t need to journey I’m gonna celebrate where I’m at.” Each poem is a celebration, and the collection, a festival unto itself.

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Solstice Review: Summer 2016

Solstice Review

Summer 2016

ISBN: 978-1534816480

An accident during the summer of 1969. A home that’s become a breeding ground for spiders, fed on dirty dishes and discontent. Two teenaged girls, one aching to grow up, the other bound down by secrets. A couple struggling to stay together under the pressure of a parental request. In its first ever Solstice Review, Ugly Sapling features work by up-and-coming writers as well as literary veterans that explores the dark corners of family, duty, and the ties that bind us. Set in the unrelenting heat of summer, this collection of longer-format prose and poetry deals with issues of love and loss, nostalgia and heartbreak, and the aches of growing up. The stories demand we reassess our understanding of relationships–husband and wife, father and child, friend and friend–and ultimately ask us how far we’d go for the ones we love.

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The Book of Apparitions

The Book of Apparitions

By Jacob Steven Mohr

ISBN: 978-1533645876

Jacob Steven Mohr’s debut novel follows imaginative, empathetic Marshall Brithaus across twelve years of his life as the stressors of growing up – both natural and supernatural – drive him to his physical and emotional limits. Over the course of his life, Marshall encounters four highly unusual characters: a laid-back Valkyrie called Valerie, a spitfire water sprite (and part-time lifeguard) named Selene, a burned-out, body-snatching sandman-in-training called Diane, and a manipulative, carnivorous muse named Claudia. These ‘apparitions’ each make their indelible mark on Marshall’s maturation, and prove beyond any color of doubt there is more magic in growing up than in staying young.

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All Girls Will Not Feel Pretty At Some Point

all girls will not feel pretty at some point

By Elizabeth Tsung

ISBN: 978-1539086086

Featuring twenty-five poems by Elizabeth Tsung, all girls will not feel pretty at some point is a gripping debut anthology that grapples with issues of identity, violence, femininity and coming of age. The poems weave through the intersections of life, from the ache of growing up different in the suburbs, to the adolescent feelings of displacement and alienness in one's own life, to a maturity haunted by shadows of the past. These poems, paired with evocative illustrations by Trevor Williams, tell stories of survival, growth, and acceptance; of motherhood and daughterhood, of prettiness and ugliness.

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Postmodern Love

Postmodern Love

Ugly Sapling

ISBN: 978-1523828906

Featuring poetry, prose, illustrations, and photography from emerging writers and artists, Postmodern Love takes readers from the plains and podunk towns of the Middle West to sprawling cities across oceans. The stories, poems and art ripple with heat as they delve into the cavernous, sometimes absolving, and often dark recesses of the human heart.

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Ugly Sapling

Ugly Sapling

feat. Cody Bowie & Justin Andersun

ISBN: 978-1519336521

From melancholy cleaning supplies to IKEA folklore, speculative family history and the mysterious Ioxio, arises Ugly Sapling. Rooted in the Midwest, this collection of prose and flash-fiction is inspired by the gritty, unnatural and off-beat. Sometimes disquieting and always riveting, Ugly Sapling features work as starkly honest as it is harshly uncompromising, and as beautiful as it is ugly.

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